When people complain of gas, they usually mean one or more of the following: Frequent belching of air from the stomach, bloating of the abdomen after eating or frequent passing of gas from the rectum.

It may be uncomfortable or inconvenient, but only rarely is gas associated with a serious illness. Gas is usually just the result of certain habits or diet choices. It occurs in one of two ways: as a result of swallowed air, or it is produced in the intestinal tract. Reclining after eating, inactivity, and stress may contribute to the problem. If the physician suspects gas is the result of some other illness, tests will be ordered to diagnose the problem and then recommend the proper treatment for gas and bloating stomach according to the tests results.

Upper endoscopy, breath tests such as lactose and lactulose tolerance tests, ultrasound to diagnose gallstones. Colonoscopy is useful and highly recommended for stomach gas treatment.

Our board certified physician provides the best treatment plan for stomach gas tailored according to individual needs.

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